The Grant Locator™ Subscription Terms and Conditions (USA)

  1. Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: Officers and agents of The Grant Locator™ (a division of Wealth Tools Systems Inc.) make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of subscription contents and specifically disclaim any implied warranties. I understand that the advice and strategies contained therein may not be suitable for my situation and that I should consult with a professional where appropriate. The authors shall not be liable for any loss of revenue or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to, special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.
  2. I understand that this is a subscription agreement between myself and The Grant Locator™ and that The Grant Locator™ retains the right to modify the subscription at any time.
  3. In exchange for participating in this subscription, I release The Grant Locator™, Chris Johnson, Wealth Tools Systems Inc., its officers, directors, staff, independent contractors, agents, successors, and interviewees from all actions, demands, or claims of any kind that I have had, now have, or may have for any reason.
  4. I understand that The Grant Locator™ or a related company may, on occasion, receive a financial benefit from my purchase of a book, audio, report, service, course, franchise, business opportunity, property, or other investment or educational item and that indeed The Grant Locator™ or a related company may itself be the vendor. I further understand that I have no obligation whatsoever to purchase any such item.
  5. The Content and any other copyrighted material shall not be modified, copied, distributed, repackaged, shared, displayed, revealed, extracted, emailed, transmitted, sold or otherwise transferred, conveyed or used, in a manner inconsistent with the Agreement, or rights of the copyright owner. I shall not redistribute, repackage, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, extract, reveal, adapt, edit, sub-license, or otherwise transfer the Content. I am not granted any synchronization, public performance, promotional use, commercial sale, resale, reproduction or distribution rights for the Content.
  6. I understand I will be charged a $1 USD Trial Fee for 2 months immediately upon activating my subscription to The Grant Locator™ (or $39 USD inclusive, in the case of a re-subscription) and again on the 1st of each month following the start date of the subscription (or re-subscription). If payment does not clear on the 1st attempt, further attempts will be made until the charge clears, with no further notification or authorization required or provided.
  7. For the two $1 USD TRIAL months (if applicable), I agree to pay the $1 USD Trial Fee for 2 months charge each month billed to the method of payment provided. Following the 2-month trial period, I authorize The Grant Locator™ to charge the monthly recurring fee of $39 USD per month using the method of payment provided without sending me any further notification. All credit card charges will be processed by The Grant Locator™ (a division of Wealth Tools Systems Inc.) and will appear as “The Grant Locator” on the credit card statement. I also understand that the $1 USD Trial Fee for 2 months trial offer is available to new, first-time subscribers only. If I have subscribed to The Grant Locator™ in the past, I am not eligible for the two-month $1 USD trial offer and that my monthly fee will be $39 USD per month throughout the subscription period, starting with the first month.
  8. The Grant Locator™ warrants that the CD will be free of any defects that prevent you from using the Product. The Grant Locator’s™ sole obligation under this warranty is to replace any defective audio file, provided that you have given The Grant Locator™ written notice of the defect within that 60-day period.
  9. Additional Terms and Conditions for European customers are outlined here.
  10. Any Chargebacks / Disputed Charges filed will result in the cancelation of all bonuses and services, including but not limited to 1-on-1 Consultation, Access to Online Content, and Live or Online Classes.

The Grant Locator™ Cancellation / Refund Policy

There is no consideration for any refunds once the monthly charge has been processed. I understand I may cancel the subscription at anytime, with a 5 day notice of cancellation required prior to the upcoming billing cycle in order for the cancellation to take effect for the next billing cycle. The effective date of cancellation will be 5 days from the date that authorized personnel of The Grant Locator™ receives written notice of cancellation by fax, email or mail.
Should I choose to cancel, I will EMAIL or FAX a notice of cancellation to The Grant Locator™ (a division of Wealth Tools Systems Inc.) at least 5 days before the next billing cycle.
Fax: 1-866-618-1299
My written notice of cancellation must include the following information:
1. Today’s Date
2. My Complete Name, Address, and Telephone Number
3. Request to Cancel The Grant Locator Subscription
4. Reason for Cancellation

The Grant Locator™ Delivery Policy

By subscribing to The Grant Locator™ Audio & Newsletter, you agree to our delivery policy. Monthly editions are delivered by mail once your subscription fee for the month has been successfully processed. Subscribers, beyond their trial period, may access the current issue and all past issues available in our online archive.
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